Is College Free in Canada for Canadians?

So my guilty pleasure is watching Degrassi. Degrassi is a show based on the lives of high school and college students and every week there’s some taboo subject that they touch upon (a character kills themself, od’s, gets pregnant, has an abortion, blah blah blah). Anyhow, it’s based in Canada.

So I was talking to one of the few people that I openly admit my obsession of this to (until now), and he said that he thought college was free in Canada, and I was all “OMG LYKE NO”. So here I am.

And the answer is no it is not free. It’s just a rumor. The rumor is based off of the other theory that “the cost of living is higher in Canada” so supposedly that pays for college. I got to this conclusion by scouring forums because it’s a really hard direct answer to find on Google, so the only people to ask are the Canadians.

But that’d make this entry a little short, so here’s a little more:

According to this site, Canada’s public postsecondary education institutions obtain most of their funding from their province or territory, although some federal support is provided. Other funding is obtained through tuition fees; research grants; contracts with business and industry; government research contracts; investments; and donations.

Also, I titled this entry wrong (sort of). In Canada, College is a 2-year school, and University is a 4-year school.